Akamon Alpha Testnet Live 🌉

Transfer ADA to Polygon and MATIC to Cardano! 🚀

4 min readMay 17, 2022

Public Testnet Launch!

We tested the finalized mADA and mMATIC tokens and their integration in MELDapp on the Cardano public testnet and Polygon Mumbai for over two weeks. While there are still many improvements to be made, we have decided it is time to release the gateway to the public. A testnet deployment avoids most risks for the people involved while bringing valuable UX, infrastructure, operations, and community management experience and feedback.


Since the alpha (α) is centralized in nature we do not intend to release it to the mainnet. We have been designing a more distributed and decentralized beta (β) version in parallel. The main goal of an α testnet launch is to collect UX, infrastructure, operations, and community management experiences to have more focus space for decentralization later on.

User needs and how they interact with the gateway should stay the same regardless of its underlying architecture. One should not sacrifice UX to be a little bit more decentralized if that is quantifiable in the first place.

We are currently writing the β paper with actual technical discussions on the economics model, governance model, and contract designs leading towards decentralization. The paper will be released at the end of May. A β testnet launch with more gateway partners will follow suit in early June.

Now, let’s take a look at how to get some test tokens and perform some bridging with Akamon Alpha!

How to use Akamon — Alpha version


For the alpha version of Akamon, users are required to have test ADA and MATIC tokens, along with access to Polygon Mumbai and the Cardano public testnet through Metamask and Nami wallet. In this article, we’ll be going over some how-to’s for:

  • Getting Test ADA
  • Getting Test MATIC
  • Example — Bridging ADA to Polygon (mADA)
  • FAQ and How-to (user manual)

Try out Akamon for yourself! There may be a reward in store come mainnet launch 💸 😉

Akamon alpha testnet link — https://testnet.app.meld.com/akamon

Getting Test ADA

Head over to: https://testnets.cardano.org/en/testnets/cardano/tools/faucet/, make sure tAda is selected, and paste your receiving address in the space provided.
Click “Request funds” and after a short while you should receive 1000 tAda to your wallet that can be used on Akamon alpha testnet.

Getting Test MATIC

https://faucet.polygon.technology/ will only allow you 1 Test MATIC, which isn’t enough to operate with the testnet version of Akamon. Polygon has been able to provide us with ~6000 test MATIC tokens for internal use, as well as for our community! 🥳️🎉

If you are interested in testing out the gateway with test MATIC as well, then paste your Metamask* wallet id in the Typeform below and we will send you enough to perform some bridging! 🌉

Receive Test MATIC from MELD —
Metamask wallet id Typeform submission

Example — Bridging ADA to Polygon (mADA)

  1. Select ADA
  2. Choose the desired amount to transfer
  3. Click Bridge
  4. Sign transaction and pay fee in wallet
  5. View bridge activity/status from within the MELDapp

mADA Contract Address
mMATIC Policy Id

Feedback Forum

We have a submission form created for feedback on the Akamon bridge. Including UX/UI bugs, issues, improvement ideas, and whatever else you may find!
Feedback submission link

FAQ and How-to (user manual)

Akamon FAQ

Detailed step-by-step user experience of an Akamon transfer

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