Import your seed phrase safely & start using Nami wallet with the MELDapp

The MELDapp is approaching FAST! And so are all of your $MELD tokens! 🥳️🎉

We have some important information to share for certain individuals, in regards to your ability to claim your vested $MELD. Anyone that has purchased $MELD tokens, with vesting attached, will have to use the Nami wallet to claim their $MELD. The reason is that the smart contracts connected to the…

$50b USD worth of Cardano will soon be able to be used on Polygon!

MELD is working with a few others to create ADAmatic — a solution for bridging Cardano-based assets to Polygon! 👇

ADAmatic bridge to Polygon

🎥 Check out the video on YouTube 👉 HERE

What does this mean from a user perspective?

Users can now purchase $ADA through Polygon-based DEX’s. This also opens up the opportunity for liquidity providers to make the market…

Conceptualizing NFT Collections and Their Origins of Value

non-fungible token

When first hearing about NFT’s you may have had a thought along the lines of:

“It’s just an image. I can copy paste it! What’s the big deal?”

While, yes, this thought is correct. It is incomplete. Here are some frameworks to understand what gives an NFT value:

NFT Tokenomics

Tokenomics is…

MELD to provide an interface into the Cudos network API from the MELDapp wallets! 👜💻

MELD + Cudos

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the decentralized computing network Cudos!

Cudos is building an ecosystem to support financial growth and inclusion in emerging African countries. In this, both Cudos and MELD are highly aligned, leading to this strategic partnership agreement.


  • About Cudos
  • MELD x Cudos
  • MELD…


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